Contributions Offered to the Consortium


Institution's Contributions/Benefits

Cybersecurity Capacity Building Technology Infrastructure
Education and Trainning Foundations of Computer and Network Security Principles of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
Fundamentals of Cryptography & Applications
Operating Systems and Software Security
Case Studies in Computer Security
Research Authentication
  • Face Biometrics (Face Recognition)
  • Speech Biometrics (Speaker Recognition)
Network Security
Data Privacy and Security
Malware Detection, Analysis and Mitigation
Cyber Forensics
Workforce Development Education Initiation Initiative EI2 (Signature Program at for BSU) - real work experience
Partnerships Expand collaboration and partnerships with industry and government in the Maryland and D.C. area such as:
Department of Defense (DoD), Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman,
Infinity Technology, John Hopkins APL, and others
Other Assist with K-12 pipeline that consists of summer signature programs