SWAMP is a high-performance cloud based open-source commercial software testing tool that simplifies vulnerability remediation.

Software Testing Tools

  • Cppcheck: detects bugs compilers typically do not detect with limited false positives.
  • GCC: front end analysis tool for C/C++ programs.
  • Clang Static Analyzer: source code analysis tool for C/C++ program debugging.
  • Parasoft C/C++ Test: software engineering integrated development testing solution.
  • Code Dx: communicates with visual analytics that finds and provides documentation for vulnerabilities in code.

  • Code Dx Report Cppcheck Report GCC Report


    1. Department of Homeland Security
    2. Morgridge Institute for Research
    3. National Center of Supercomputing Applications Cybersecurity at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    4. University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Middleware Security & Testing Group
    5. Indiana University’s Pervasive Technology Institute