George Acquaah Dr. George Acquaah, Dean
Mrs Ali Mrs. Temperance Ali
Staff Assistant

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the academic foundation upon which Bowie State University is built. 

Our faculty teach the core liberal arts courses for all undergraduate students, delivering a curriculum designed to inculcate in students the ability to think critically, foster a life-long commitment to learning, develop students’ awareness of their cultural traditions, strengthen the skills of scientific inquiry, and promote the application of knowledge ethically and responsibly for the betterment of society.

In addition to a sound liberal arts educational foundation, CAS offers comprehensive disciplinary and interdisciplinary academic programs through eight departments – Communications, English and Modern Languages, Fine and Performing Arts, History and Government, Computer Science, Military Science, and Natural Sciences which prepare students for careers in an ever-changing technological society and for advanced study.  The Computer Science Department offers one of the two doctoral programs at the University.  Its undergraduate B.S. in Computer Science program is accredited by the Computing Accredition Commission of ABET,  Our distinguished faculty are not only committed to the discovery, application, and dissemination of knowledge in the service of society, but do so in an environment that respects and nurtures diversity and fosters student learning.

Being student-centered, we believe that all can learn but do so differently. Consequently, our faculty employ an eclectic pedagogy to satisfy the diverse learning styles of our students, including contemporary instructional delivery systems.  In this academic enterprise, we challenge our undergraduate and graduate students to devote themselves to the pursuit of excellence in their quest of knowledge, and to take an active role in their education, while honing their leadership skills.

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to the core values of Bowie State University, namely, Excellence, Civility, Integrity, Diversity, and Accountability (ExCIDA).  In 1995, the University was selected as one of only six Model Institutes of Excellence (MIE) in the nation, supported by NASA, to ensure that a higher number of students seek and complete advanced quality education in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (SEM).   SAS faculty members are engaged in research and creative activities that have received national and international recognition.

As Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and on behalf of all the faculty and staff in our programs, I invite you to visit our departments to discuss career opportunities, and hope that you will find one or more of our academic programs of interest to you. Always remember that our desire at Bowie State University and in the School of Arts and Sciences is to help you become all that you can be.

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