Mobile App for increasing Productivity and Health at Workplace

Current Students: Shanmukha Jerripothula, Diliorah Arah

Status: Current

Mobile devices and apps provide many benefits for users, perhaps most significantly is the increased access to point-of-use tools. Providing simple exercises with the help of mobile apps allows the user to access and practice exercises at the work place. These days lack of fitness is the major concern in the workplace which leads to health issues and also becomes a reason for lack of productivity at work. This project presents a mobile work place fitness application which can increase the productivity and health of the users at the workplace.

The proposed mobile application provides an account profile facility to check daily exercise activities and help users to be productive at work. We have added security to the user accounts and profile features that will secure user data and personal health-related records. Our contribution lies in our approach to create a user specific customizable exercise plan in order to improve the health and productivity of the users at their workplace.

View of Workplace fitness app exercises on a iPhone Shows the login screen and exercise screen of the application on an android device.
Shows the exercise screens of the application in an android device Shows the exercise screens, video, and timer for exercises in an android device
View of Workplace fitness app exercises on an android device Limited usability results of the fitness app



[Acknowledgement:This study is supported, in part, by National Science Foundation, Award Number: HRD-1238784]


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