Mobile Application for Campus Tour and Safety using Samsung Gear VR

Current Students: Phillip Devreaux

Status: Current

Our current application shows the interactive virtual campus tour using Samsung Gear VR head mounted display. The BSU university campus 3D environment is designed to give the user a complete immersive feeling of the campus. These virtual campus tours can be helpful to understand the campus environment and better know about the university campus leaving the users no stress of walking or coming to campus just to view the campus. We hope our contribution helps in developing the virtual reality campus environment systems. We have used Unity 3D gaming engine and vuforia pluggin for developing the campus environment. The environment is tested using Samsung Gear VR and Samsung Galaxy S6, and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

Link to Virtual BSU Tour with New Science Building

Closer view of campus library building Side view of Computer Science Bldg.
View of library bldg. from Crawford Science BSU Torch near Henry Building



[Acknowledgement:This study is supported, in part, by National Science Foundation, Award HRD‐1137541 and Award Number: HRD-1238784]


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