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COSC 729:Virtual Reality and its Applications

Group Projects, Semester: Spring 2017


Project 1: Zombies Hunter Game
Students: Mimouna Alkhonaini and Tagrid Alshalali (Project Report) Presentation

The main goal of this project is to develop a game called “Zombies Hunter”. It is a single-player with two-level game where the player should hunt as much zombies as possible within a predefined time period throughout the city. The single player controls one avatar (main view/camera). For each hunt, the player gets scores. Depending on where the player hit the zombie, he/she will receive different points.

The game environment is a small village. In the first level, the player should find Zombies inside buildings in daytime or on streets during nighttime and hunt them. The player uses a weapon to hit the Zombies. Also, the player can use measurement tool to estimate the distance. If the player enters to zombie’s area, the player will go back to the original location in level 1, or die in level 2. When the player gets a certain score he/she will proceed to the next level, (Level 2) where the Zombies in this level walk toward the player (Main View). The village is designed by 3Ds max application while the code is written in python by using Vizard platform.

The player can choose between day or night time

decrease in the player score after shooting normal people

in level1, if the player gets low score, less than 5, the game will end

In level2, if the zombie touches the player, the game will end
Timer countdown after reach 5 secs  In level2, zombies walk toward the player (Main View)
showing zombie’ sensors Rectangle sensor on whole zombie body
Press 'k' to show/hide city map Pressing "v", starts evacuation in the city

Project 2: Emergency School Bus Evacuation

Students: Archana Patel, Rebecca Akinlaja, Revanth Baskar (Project Report) Presentation

The goal of this project was to create a virtual simulation of a fire evacuation in a School Bus. The project shows a landscape perspective as well as an individual perspective of a fire evacuation in a virtual city.

School bus emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime, or involve anyone. There doesn’t have to be a crash to cause the evacuation of the school bus. An on-board fire or the school bus stalling in a dangerous place like a railroad crossing or near a gas station on fire could be reason to evacuate the bus.What do you do in an emergency? Whose responsibility is it to take what action? Every driver should be physically able to carry-out the emergency evacuation plan without hesitation.

The game theme is to find bomb in the city. The player has first person view and the has control of the environment. There is a timer which calculates the time taken by the player to complete the game. A set of checkpoints(bombs) placed around the city. When the player passes these checkpoints the checkpoint value gets incremented.

The auto shop for car care

lobby environment where users can choose simulations.

Computer assembly  

Project 3: Space Explorer

Students:Antonio Brown, John Cho, Lamar Taylor (Project Report) Presentation

The goal is to create an environment that would give users a glimpse of what it could be like as an astronaut in space.  Each mode of the simulation has a different goal, and provides a different experience. In this project, we built a multimodal virtual environment to simulate different aspects of moving around in space. The overall goal is the exploration of our solar system, in orbit around earth, and in hypothetical orbits around other planets. Users of the simulation have the opportunity to interact with the simulation as an astronaut in three different ways:

  1. as a member of the crew inside the International Space Station (ISS);
  2. as an astronaut conducting a space walk outside of the ISS;
  3. and as a pilot of a futurist space craft traveling across the solar system.
astronaut conducting a space walk outside of the ISS International Space Station
  pilot of a futurist space craft traveling across the solar system.
pilot of a futurist space craft traveling across the solar system. pilot looking for an alien

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