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Active Shooter Response and Training for BSU Campus in a Collaborative Virtual Reality Environment (CVE)

Current Students: Phillip Devreaux

Past Students: Pranay Rajeev, Dexter Ballerda

Status: Current

We have developed a collaborative immersive environment in VR for active shooter response for BSU campus. The BSU university campus CVE environment is designed for corner cave and oculus rift head mounted display to give the user a complete immersive experience of the BSU campus. These virtual campus tours can be helpful to understand the campus environment and better know and navigate the university campus leaving the users no stress of walking or coming to campus just to view the campus. We hope our contribution helps in developing the virtual reality campus environment systems. Immersive collaborative virtual reality environment also offers a unique way for training in the emergencies for campus safety. The participant can enter the collaborative virtual reality environment setup on the cloud and participate in the evacuation drills which leads to considerable cost advantages over large scale real life exercises. The contribution also lies in our approach to combining computer simulated agents (AI agents) and user-controlled autonomous agents in a collaborative virtual environment for conducting emergency response training for security personnel's. Thus, it will allow for more effectively employing existing resources in preparing and training for an event and have more effective investment strategies

2) Using Oculus Rift

Our vision is for the immersive VR to ultimately become a platform for emergency training that is deployed across institutions of higher education (IHE). The intellectual merits are the new notions of building the experimental setup for conducting active shooter response training in VR. It is a new concept similar to VR First-Person Shooter (FPS) game.

1) Using Corner Cave

Students are interacting with the CVE of the University Campus. They are inside a classroom in Computer Science builiding wearing 3D glasses and wand.

Click the below web Links to Open the BSU Campus on a browser (Use key board and mouse to navigate)

Link to Virtual BSU Tour with New Science Building

Link to Virtual BSU Tour

Link to Virtual BSU Tour

Interactive Old Virtual Tour


Past Versions of BSU Campus

Video of the Virtual Tour (Desktop Version 1 Youtube) --- Facebook link Video of the Virtual Tour (Occulus Version facebook) ---- Youtube
Campus ride along the Henry Circle Campus tour on a BSU cart along library bldg.
Closer view of campus library building Side view of Computer Science Bldg.
View of library bldg. from Crawford Science BSU Torch near Henry Building








[Acknowledgement:This study is supported, in part, by National Science Foundation, Award HRD‐1137541 and Award Number: HRD-1238784]


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