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Director of the VR Lab

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Dr. Sharad Sharma

Department of Computer Science
14000 Jericho Park Road, Suite 317
Bowie State University
Bowie, MD 20715
Email: ssharma@bowiestate.edu

Job Opening

Research Assistant positions are open and available for graduate and undergraduate students in the VR Laboratory. Students should be interested in virtual environments, 3D animation, game design and development, agent based modeling. Existing research projects can be found at the link. Interested students should send their current resume, personal statement of interest in VR projects to Dr. Sharad Sharma, Email: ssharma@bowiestate.edu


  1. James Stigall, Doctoral
  2. Sarika Rajeev, Doctoral
  3. Lamar Taylor, Doctoral
  4. Sri Teja Bodempudi, Masters
  5. Isac Anio- Frempong, Masters
  6. Phillip Devreaux, Undergraduate
  7. Emmanuel Ossuetta, Undergraduate
  8. Emmanuel Arah, Undergraduate


Edbert B. Hsu, M.D., M.P.H.
Director of Training, Johns Hopkins Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response (CEPAR)
Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
Johns Hopkins University
5801 Smith Avenue
Davis Building · Suite 3220
Baltimore, MD 21209


Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
Dr. David Scribner
Human Research and Engineering Directorate (HRED) Division
Aberdeen Proving Ground
Maryland 21005-5425


Management Information Systems | College of Business
Andrew Mangle, Ph.D., CISSP, CISA, PMP,
Assistant Professor
Bowie State University
14000 Jericho Park Road, Bowie, MD 20715-9465


NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Thomas G. Grubb & Matthew Brandt
AR/VR Product Development Lead
Science Data Processing Branch

Dr. Timothy Oladuni

Assistant Professor in Computer Science,

University of the District of Columbia

4200 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Jayfus T. Doswell, Ph.D.
President/CEO, Juxtopia, LLC
1101 East 33rd Street, Suite B303
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
443-451-7263 (office)

Jobs with Virtual Reality Specialization

Mobile Application Developer (Virtual Reality Industry)
Mixed Reality & User Interface Software Developer
Virtual Reality Developer
Computer Graphics Engineer
UI Software Engineer
Modeling & Simulation Software Engineer
AR/VR Producer
Software Developer
Augemented/Virtual Reality Engineer
Visual Designer (Oculus)
VR multiplayer game developer
Virtual Reality Specialist
Unity VR Developer
Gaming Specialist

Alumni (VR Lab)

  • Mr. Stephen Otunba, Software Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc , 901 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005
  • Ms. Supriya Lohgaonkar, Software Engineer in e-Business Development at MICROS Systems, Inc.
  • Mr. Jingxin Han is working as a Software Developer at Inovalon. Inc., 4321 Collington Road, Bowie, Maryland 20716, USA.
  • Aaron Boothe, Associate Systems Administrator at Progressive Technology Federal Systems, 11501 Huff Court, North Bethesda, MD 20895.
  • Mr. Stephen Otunba, Software Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc , 901 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005
  • Ms. SupriyaLohgaonkar, Software Engineer at Oracle Systems.
  • Mr. Jingxin Han, Senior Software Developer at Inovalon. Inc., 4321 Collington Road, Bowie, Maryland 20716, USA.
  • Joel McCune, Agile Buisness Stratergy and Softwrae Development, Computer Programmer, NTEU (National Treasury Employee Union)., Washington DC.
  • Oumar Soumare, Netwrok and Security Engineer, Hewlett packard Enterprise, Silver Spring, MD.
  • Gema Howell, IT Security Computer Scientist, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Gaithersburg, MD.
  • Harish vadali, Software Engineer, VBrick Systems, Herndon, Virginia.
  • Dr. Benjamin Harvey, Computer Scientist, DOD (Department of Defense).
  • Anthony Drayton, Senior Penetration Tester, Raytheon, Defense and Space, Washington DC.
  • Stephon Mackey, System Administrator, Northrop Grumman Cooperation, Linthicum, MD.
  • Jeff Ruffin, Communications Technision, Comcast, MD.
  • Arinze Nwolisa, Software Engineer, IBM, MD.
  • Mike Tice, UNIX Admin., John Hopkins University, APL, Baltimore, MD.
  • Shamal Shete, Buisness Analyst, Baltimore Mental Health Systems Inc. Baltimore, MD.
  • Divya Pasam, Senior Associate, DRT Stratergies, Washington DC.



Kolawole Ogunlana, Doctoral
Pranay Rajeev, Masters
Roy Brown, Doctoral
Lenny Lee, Undergraduate
Oumar Soumare,Undergraduate
Stanley Woodroff , Undergraduate
Diliorah Arah,Undergraduate
Dominic Bucknor, Undergraduate
Jeff Ruffin, Undergraduate
Stephon Mackey, Undergraduate
Shea Brown, Undergraduate
Dexter Ballerda, Undergraduate
Saurabh Shirgaonkar, Graduate
Stephen Otunba, Doctoral
Rasheed Duval, Doctoral
Bhargavi Nallini, Masters
Antoine Lathon, Undergraduate
Philip Santiago,Undergraduate
Usha Govindaraju, Undergraduate
Gema Howell, Undergraduate
Titus Thomas,Undergraduate
Sherrod Shelton, Undergraduate
Kim Ta,Undergraduate
William Haong,Undergra
Gregory Jones ,Graduate
Wenhao Chen, Masters
Sailaja,Graduate, Undergraduate
Taiysha Hobbes, Undergraduate

Jeffrey Ignatius Averett,Undergraduate
Aaron Kenneth Boothe,Undergraduate
Abu Bakarr Kamara,Undergraduate
Daniel Lee Riggs Jr,Undergraduate
Tenise Anya Roberts,Undergraduate
Ronald C. Sumner,Undergraduate
Michael Paul Tice,Undergraduate
Ruth Ojoade Agada, Graduate

Jingxin Han,Graduate
Benjamin Simeon Harvey,Graduate
Kolawole Oluwatunbi Ogunlana,Graduate
Stephen Ayo Otunba,Graduate
Michelle Nicole Snowden,Graduate
Chiamaka Okoroha,Graduate
Shamal Shete,Graduate

Harish Vadali, Graduate
Aparna Sengupta, Graduate
Asata,Patrick A, Graduate
Clark,Jaye A.,Graduate
Fadiran,Oluseye Isaiah,Graduate
Gittens,Victor Jeffrey,Graduate
Morgan,Dane Arthur,Graduate
Reddick,Stacy Dion,Graduate
Tcheimegni,Elie Ledox,Graduate
Supriya Lohgaonkar,Graduate

Pete Vidal , Undergraduate
Famoyegun,Akinseyi Samuel,Undergraduate
Davidson,James Grant,Undergraduate
Farmer,Dwayne Donte,Undergraduate
Johnson,Kareem Olajide,Undergraduate
Sumner,Ronald C.,Undergraduate

Divya Pasam,Graduate
Jeremi Richardson, Undergraduate
Lislyn Duncan, Undergraduate
Andrea Brooks,Undergraduate
Melvin Squire,Undergraduate
Lynardo Miles,Undergraduate
George Ferguson,Undergraduate
Carl Reid,Undergraduate
Brittany Harden,Undergraduate
Amina Sahibzada,Undergraduate
Bobby Rountree,Undergraduate
Clifford Brown,Undergraduate
Denya Lloyd,Undergraduate