About Quincy Brown

I am an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department at Bowie State University . I conduct research in the Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Human Computer Interaction is a discipline concerned with the study of the interaction between people and computers. It is the intersection between computer science, behavioral science, design, cognitive science, and other fields.

My research explores methods of facilitating human interaction with advanced technologies, including mobile devices, to support learning.  My ongoing projects examine the design of intelligent tutoring systems, delivered on mobile devices, to support middle school mathematics learning and explore the design and usability aspects of mobile devices. I am also interested in mobile game design and exploring new user interactions possible with mobile devices.

I completed my PhD as part of the Vision and Cognition (VisCog) Lab of the Computer Science Department at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pa. My advisors were Frank Lee and Dario Salvucci. While completing my doctoral studies I was a National Science Foundation GK-12 Fellow and a Bridges To the Doctorate Fellow.  As a GK-12 Fellow I taught and developed STEM curricula for middle school students. In 2009 I became the recipient of the National Science Foundation/Computing Community Consortium CI Fellows Postdoctoral Research Fellowship award.  

It is my belief that all children are capable and deserving of being innovators and creators of knowledge and not consumers. Technology has the potential to enable individuals to become masters of their own fate. While there are researchers interested in creating this technology, I am interested in how the fruits of their labor are applied. As I learn of new findings in education I often wonder how and when the implications of those results will trickle down into classrooms. My research is aimed at facilitating this process.

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