Welcome to the Bowie State University Virtual Reality Laboratory

The goal of this VR laboratory is to introduce students to Virtual Reality (VR) hardware, software, and provide an opportunity for them to apply this knowledge to applications for education and games. This laboratory applies cutting-edge VR technology currently available in academia and industry.

The students and faculty are pioneering the use of VR technology in areas such as evacuation simulation, way finding, battlefield simulation, emergency response, Multi User Virtual Environment (MUVE), Augmented Reality (AR), and VR classrom environment. We strongly believe in testing our research with practice and actively seek collaboration with industry.


The lab provides students and researchers with high quality graphics workstations, stereoscopic displays, motion trackers, 3D input devices, and force feedback devices. Our current research projects focus on areas of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Software Engineering (SE).


Job Available: Graduate and Undergraduate for RA

VR Lab Booth at USA Science Festival and International Festival 2014.

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Virtual Reality identified by NAE as one of the 14 grand challenges in the 21st century

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